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Transform Schools (Knowsley) Limited

In delivering the management service agreement for the Transform Schools project, we assisted in the replacement of 11 schools, of which there were 7 new secondary learning centres and 1 special education school. Our award-winning collaborative working continues to create a positive impact for staff, children, parents, the public sector and the wider community.




Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Project value

£171m (original construction cost)

The project

Vercity delivers the management service agreement (MSA) for the Transform Schools project, with a particular focus on contract compliance to ensure the facilities management provider delivers its contractual obligations. The project initially involved the replacement of 11 secondary learning centres with 7 new ones.


All construction works were undertaken in accordance with the building contract, which was agreed in December 2007 between TSKL and Knowsley Schools Joint Venture (KSJV). The joint venture itself is between Balfour Beatty Construction Limited and Balfour Kilpatrick Limited (now renamed Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Limited). The principal role of KSJV is now to attend to latent defect liabilities as defined under the contract agreement. SPV Management was transferred to Vercity in October 2014. Dalmore Capital Ltd is the asset owner.

Image of the inside of a school in Knowsley
Image of Christ the King Centre for Learning, Knowsley, England.
Christ the King Centre for Learning, Knowsley, England.
Image of Bluebell Park School, Knowsley, England.
Bluebell Park School, Knowsley, England.


The full operational services involve the delivery of hard facilities management services by Engie Ltd and include building and asset maintenance, caretaking, energy and utilities, health & safety management, portering, and security services. By focusing on the quality of the services provided by the service provider, Vercity ensures that operations run smoothly and are fully compliant with all contractual obligations and client expectations. Through our centralised reporting system, we’re able to capture live data and identify any technical issues early, mitigating risk and reduce its impact on the project.

The result

Transform Schools Ltd was appointed as preferred bidders for the Project in December 2006. The project involved the replacement of Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s existing 11 secondary learning centres with 7 new build centres and, subsequently, 1 SEN school. Financial Close for the project was achieved in December 2007 with some construction having commenced earlier in 2007 under an Advanced Works Agreement. All construction works were completed in December 2009, leading to the final two schools becoming operational in January 2010. In May 2011, an amended and restated Project Agreement was signed to incorporate LC9a Special Education Needs (SEN) into the Scheme. Services availability was achieved for the SEN school on in August 2012.

Project impact

Vercity’s established consultancy services have helped transform the secondary education settings into modern learning environments, where students benefit from access to the latest technologies. The facilities in the new buildings are also proving a valuable asset to the local community. Vercity continues to provide support to project teams internally, working closely to deliver a high-quality service to our clients. Our award-winning collaborative working creates a positive impact for staff, children, parents, the public sector and the wider community while maintaining investor returns.

Environmental Social Governance

In keeping with Vercity’s ESG principles, the schools coordinated with local hospitals to assemble PPE face masks. Transform Schools donated £3,000 to Knowsley Food Bank to support the local community with food supplies while schools were closed during Covid-19 lockdown. A donation of £20,000 was made for the supply of laptops for disadvantaged pupils across the project.

“The difference Vercity makes is significant.  We now have a partnership working approach on our schools project that is benefitting all parties, major issues are being resolved and there are clear communication lines.  Overall the project is in a much better shape as a result of Vercity being involved.”

Audra Ross, Contracts Manager, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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