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Project Leadership

For over two decades, Vercity has been successfully managing assets for clients. We have a multi-disciplinary team with expertise that stretches across many sectors, enabling us to provide intelligent, joined-up thinking that will guide your project success.

At Vercity, our project leadership will deliver positive change for your business, project success and assured management of assets. In influencing the commitment of all stakeholders, the supply chain and the professional team, we’ll help you achieve your objectives. We’ll deliver your strategy, and meet legislative and contractual obligations. Together, with thorough planning, reporting and performance monitoring, we can help you navigate uncertainty to achieve the best outcomes.

Project and programme management

Vercity can deliver complex project and programme management across multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, police and housing. We’ll help you define your project management plan, strategic objectives and processes. In turn, you’ll benefit from optimised activities that ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

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Construction management

Construction works need to have a minimal impact on daily operations and they need to be delivered safely, on time and within budget. Our construction management service can support you in the successful delivery of a wide range of individual packages of work, whilst ensuring your receive value for money.

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Project procurement

We know the importance of identifying, selecting and commissioning the right partners to deliver a successful project. In understanding your strategic, operational and commercial positions, we can structure and manage your procurement to support your strategic business interests.

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Stakeholder management

At Vercity, we understand that stakeholders can have competing interests, which in turn, can influence the success or failure of projects. Our capabilities ensure that everyone’s views are understood and managed, thereby maximising the opportunity for successful outcomes and minimising conflict.

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Project rescue

Project issues can quickly escalate, and as a project sponsor, you can find yourself with increasing costs, decreasing revenues, disputes and a damaged reputation. At Vercity, we can assess your project and evaluate cost-effective intervention.

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Providing intelligent, joined-up thinking that will guide your project success.

Deliver positive change across your business

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