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Value Optimisation

Assets have a lifecycle and, through time, require upgrading, replacement or enhanced maintenance. With over two decades’ experience in optimising the value of assets, across the public and private sector, we take the time to understand and input to your strategy, specific objectives and aspirations.

In providing comprehensive, tailored guidance, we’ll provide a clear framework for optimising your assets. We can help you define your lifecycle cost model, develop strategic partnerships and set out asset strategies. You’ll benefit from optimised value that identifies, manages and mitigates risk while achieving cost certainty.

Providing outstanding value through intelligent asset management

In optimising your value through intelligent asset management, we’ll ensure that lifecycle funds are spent wisely. We support social infrastructure and built environment projects across a range of sectors, including education, healthcare, housing, transport, environment and renewables.

By providing insights across multiple sectors, we convert valuable lessons into new opportunities. Our active management approach will provide peace of mind that decisions are delivering value for money and assurance on performance.

We will help optimise your critical infrastructure, so you’ll benefit from advanced, safe and sustainable assets that deliver measurable economic, social and environmental impact.

A robust asset-based lifecycle cost model

We can develop robust cost models that protect the future of your assets. If a project does not have lifecycle models, we can carry out a condition survey and cost reprofile to assess its potential for optimisation.

In generating a lifecycle model, we validate its accuracy using a bottom-up component-based analysis, which is verified against project, elemental and key asset benchmarking. In validating the lifecycle model, we ensure specific project risks are identified and priced.

The sufficiency of the fund is assessed and the model becomes the key tool in managing your value optimisation. Using robust processes and systems, we ensure assets are properly coordinated, controlled and supported throughout their lifecycle.

Strategic supply chain partnering

The supply chain is a critical element of success and essential in optimising value. Strategic Agreements incentivise long-term quality and cost management. Agreements can range from local medium-term agreements achieved through competitive tendering, to portfolio-wide deals.

In developing these agreements, we generate continuous improvement targets and a look forward cost for planned work. In turn, this creates certainty and reduces the variables in the lifecycle model.

In promoting open communication, there will be a continuous drive on improvements and adding value to your assets. Together, we can strengthen your relationship with all stakeholders and consequently, the public sector and the wider community.

In looking at the bigger picture, our optimisation efforts are focused on the assets that are most important in terms of contract delivery, cost, risk and user experience.

Developing a key asset strategy

At Vercity, we recognise the volume of assets in any one project and the need to consider the potential of a wider portfolio. In looking at the bigger picture, our optimisation efforts are focused on the assets that are most important in terms of contract delivery, cost, risk and user experience. In our experience, we identify twelve priority asset groups from which a key asset plan is developed.

The assets may require a range of services, such as specialist surveying, obsolescence management, innovative replacement, procurement partnering, benchmarking, or a spares strategy.

Each key has asset has its own life cycle profile. We can continuously monitor and improve performance through analysing expenditure, which provides further cost certainty by ensuring fund sufficiency.

Increase the value of your assets and achieve cost certainty

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