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Michael Thomas

Project Manager

My path to Vercity

My path to Vercity (and PFI / PPP) started in 2005 as a member of the project team delivering a flagship education project in East London. By 2008 I was the general manager responsible for not only the delivery of PFI Contract, but also as a main contractor delivering soft FM services and retail / traded functions (a pre-runner to PF2).  In 2014, I moved across from the Authority and became the contract lead on an estate of BSF Schools delivering all FM and associated services.  In 2018 I joined Vercity as a member of their Project Management team where I actively support Project Boards and Vercity colleagues meet delivery obligations (and mitigate commercial risk) through the delivery and management of defects, settlement agreements, contractual variations, construction projects & lifecycle works.

Rewarding and meaningful experiences

There have been many during my time at Vercity, but two spring to mind. The first, was the ability to support students with Autism moving around through minor changes in delivering Lifecycle works and secondly, being selected to participate in the 2020 leadership development programme, demonstrating Vercity’s commitment to both developing its workforce to my future within the company.

Growing professionally

I’ve had the opportunity to work across a number of projects, initially as the delivery lead through to a key account lead and team leader. Throughout both roles and many assignments, the client’s needs and expectations have required me to flex, grow and adapt to meet the brief.  This challenge coupled with the insights, coaching and mentoring on the leadership development programme have allowed me to positively accept each challenge head on.  

Collaborating at Vercity

The breath and depth of experience of the wider Vercity team made it easy to identify and build strong networks of highly skilled individuals that you can bounce ideas off and collaborate with.  From Lifecycle or financial reviews to detailed technical solutions and model updates there’s always someone available to lean on and as such, you find yourself being open to being leaned on for expertise, support and guidance. 

The people at Vercity

In a word – ‘committed’; committed to providing an excellent service and exceeding client’s needs.

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