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Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Norfolk, England.

Renewable Energy

Our expertise in the renewable energy sector ranges from strategy, through to implementation and operation of technologies at various production scales. We can assist with the operational and financial management of your assets and provide expert consultancy that covers planning obligations, defects management, financial modelling and lifecycle management.

An experienced partner that understands the needs of the sector

The climate change emergency has seen the development of Renewable Energy become a key factor in the switch from a hydrocarbon-based energy supply and has seen clean energy sources become one of the fastest growing industries globally. The opportunities this industry presents to investors and developers is also creating new challenges on how maximise potential of these assets.

Vercity’s extensive experience of delivering asset management across multiple specialist energy sectors means that we understand the needs of asset owners and how the operation of those assets can be optimised.

We have a proven track record across the renewables sector, managing 2.8GW assets with a capital value of £6.5bn. Our experience in working at portfolio level, includes managing assets for some of the largest investors in the sector. With Vercity, you’ll feel confident that your investments are safe with us.

Image of Teesside Biomass, Middlesborough, England.
Teesside Biomass, Middlesborough, England.

Managing renewable projects through all development phases

Vercity has extensive experience in managing renewable projects through all phases of development from inception, through acquisition, financial close, construction, operation and divestment. Our experience covers offshore and onshore wind, solar PV, Biomass and waste-to-energy schemes.

In addition to managing your operational obligations, we have significant experience in managing the end-of-warranty process, as well as disputes, power purchase negotiations and the drafting and updating of financial models.

Through proactive collaboration and liaison with management, contractors, constructors, stakeholders and other third parties, we can help you optimise your assets and achieve positive outcomes that will increase your net asset value.

Optimising energy performance

Many potential investors and asset owners don’t have the necessary technical knowledge of physical asset management to ensure their assets are optimised for performance within basic contractual availability levels. In providing comprehensive, tailored guidance, we’ll provide a clear framework that will define your lifecycle cost model, identify performance optimisation measures, help you develop strategic partnerships and set out intelligent asset strategies.

Our proactive management approach will provide you with peace of mind that decisions made are delivering value for money and assurance on performance. We can help you augment your critical infrastructure, so you’ll benefit from advanced, safe and sustainable assets that deliver measurable economic, social and environmental impact.

At Vercity, we recognise that the volume of energy assets in any one discreet project has wider implications for other groups of renewable assets and we continuously look across your portfolio to leverage optimisation strategies. In looking at the bigger picture, our efforts are focused on improving the performance of assets that are the most important in terms of contract delivery, production diversity, cost and risk.

Through an approach that combines a top-down investment perspective from the portfolio level and a bottom-up operational evaluation from a site level, we are able to ensure that your overall target deliverables are met.

We have a proven track record across the renewables sector, managing 2.8GW assets with a capital value of £6.5bn. Our experience in working at portfolio level, includes managing assets for some of the largest investors in the sector.

Increasing the value of energy assets

Vercity is a leader in field of asset management within the built environment. As such, we’re able to leverage our expertise within the renewables sector to add value to projects, ensure risks are managed and value is maximized.

We add value to your assets through habitat management and asset interventions cultivating effective processes that drive performance. We can resolve power quality issues to ensure grid compliance, negotiate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) negotiations and develop sustainable financial models. By engaging with the wider community, we can also support your community fund management strategies.

With Vercity as your partner, you’ll benefit from optimised value that identifies, manages and mitigates risk, while achieving cost certainty.

Optimise your energy performance, add value to your assets

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