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Commercial Management

Over the last few years, there has been increased emphasis on the provision of robust commercial management to help administer Public Private Partnership contracts. Historically, these projects have not had access to dedicated commercial support within the project team and have relied on central resources to deal with specific issues.

At Vercity, we have an experienced commercial management team that can support all aspects of PFI and PPP contracts, particularly contractual deliverables, notices, payment mechanism application and dispute resolution. We work across a variety of sectors, including health, education, renewable energy, roads and rail, and can add value to your project full time, or on a standalone basis.

Contract Change Management

Whatever the reason for the contract change, proceedings do not have to lead to disputes or negatively impact your investment. We can optimise your contract change delivery, mitigate risk and minimise delays.

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Facilities Management Contract Performance

As your strategic partner, Vercity will engage with and analyse your contract performance to understand the balance between your strategic, operational and commercial positions.

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Payment Mechanisms

Companies that fail to deliver on their contractual obligations risk financial deductions. At Vercity, we realise this is a challenging area to navigate. In working together, we help improve your baseline performance and mitigate risk.

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Disputes and Claims

Effective management from the early project stages can help prevent disputes and claims. In applying a robust process, we can assist all parties in reaching a mutually beneficial outcome.

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We have an experienced commercial management team that can support all aspects of PFI and PPP contracts.

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